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Energy, Mineral Rights & Natural Resources

Energy sources are more significant than ever before.

Our entire economy depends upon reliable energy, and the prices of natural resources like coal, oil, and gas reflect this fact. Virginia, once known only as a coal state, is now seeing aggressive production of conventional gas and coal bed methane.

Coal bed methane gas was historically regarded as a dangerous by-product of coal mining. But, methane now has immense commercial value as an energy source, an economic reality that has given rise to fierce legal disputes over ownership rights, production, pipelines, royalties, and many other issues. Moreover, as different operators seek to produce using resources that are closely quartered in the same region, disputes are inevitable.

Led by Chair Scott Sexton, Gentry Locke’s energy, mineral rights and natural resources team includes a group of partners who bring together both substantive industry experience and broad-based, multidisciplinary practices. We advise clients on the entire spectrum of issues that can affect this industry sector, including:

  • Contracting
  • Permitting
  • Environmental compliance
  • Labor Relations
  • Government regulation
  • Securities
  • Tax
  • Compensation
  • Employee benefits

Gentry Locke’s goal is to prevent our clients from being taken advantage of by unyielding opponents. We were honored to have won the largest royalty verdict ever obtained in the Western District of Virginia.

Our team has earned an enviable reputation for handling coal, gas, and coal bed methane disputes in our region. We’ve been honored to represent a broad range of clients, from major producing companies to mineral rights owners and landowners.

We encourage you to review our Mineral Rights & Natural Resources Practice Group page for additional information, and then contact us to discuss your legal needs.

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