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Hiring & Background Checks

Litigation avoidance starts at the beginning of the employment process and continues with screening, testing, and choosing the right individuals for your organization, while at the same time complying with the myriad of federal laws and regulations. Gentry Locke’s employment attorneys regularly advise clients about the critical issues related to hiring and background checks.


Gentry Locke’s employment lawyers work with employers to make sure their hiring process, including applications, on-line applications, use of social media, offer letters, screening mechanisms and job descriptions all comply with the relevant federal laws and regulations. Gentry Locke attorneys are also well versed regarding the threshold issues that arise, as well as the risks, regarding the hiring of workers that are temporary, “permanent,” or possibly independent contractors.

Background Checks

The use of background checks has become the norm as employers seeks to protect their employees, make informed hiring decisions, keep health care costs in check, and reduce potential liability for negligent hiring and worker’s compensation. However, recent developments in the law have resulted in increased scrutiny of the procedures used by employers to screen potential applicants, including compliance not only with Title VII and the ADA, but also the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Gentry Locke’s lawyers understand the importance of working closely with clients to strike the appropriate balance between complying with the various federal laws and recruiting the most secure and qualified workforce.

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